Small animal feed pellet line/animal feed pellet press machine

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Henan, China (Mainland)
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Feed Pellet Machine
220V/380V, 220V/380V
80 kg
One year
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animal feed pellet press machine
Electrical,gasline and diesel fee pellet machine
Flat die
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Animal feed
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animal feed pellet press machine                                  


Flat die animal feed pellet mill

YKL series pellet mills can be used to make cylinder pellets from powdered materials.


A. The requirement on the original materials:

  • moisture content:12-20%
  • materials for feed: corn, dry grass powder, dry straw powder and many other materials

B. Animal feed pellet mill usuage:

Feed particle machine, high yield, strong continuous working ability, simple operation, easy to use, designed for cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese and other farmers designed mainly to solve the large number of rural wheat, soybeans, corn stalks problem of low utilization . After the straw chopper can speak processed into feed grain straw, users can according to their needs after mixing various materials processed into granules Ho proportions, unlike other particles machine meal proportions, straw powder must be limited in order to save farming costs. Straw can be processed into fuel particles for combustion.




C. Animal feed pellet mill working principle

Flat die pellet mill feed in a circular motion, based on the motor (or diesel) as the driving force is transmitted to the drive gear shaft and flat die, so that under the action of friction press wheel rotation, so that generates high pressure between the wheel and the die friction temperature, the powder material by pasting temperature, protein denaturation solidified fat, extruded under pressure extrusion die round hole, through the adjustment of the cutter can get the desired length of the granule, and then dumped trays the particles are made through the discharge port sent out of the machine.


D. Use of the product range and features
1, simple structure, wide adaptability, small footprint, low noise. ,
2, powder feed, meal without (or little) can be added for granulation liquid. Therefore, the moisture content of feed pellets for the moisture content of the basic material before pelleting. More conducive to storage.
3, high into the mechanisms of particle hardness, smooth surface, internal curing Chengdu more fully, can improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, but also kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites generally applicable to breeding rabbits, fish, ducks and other animals and experiments , than the mixed powder feed obtain higher economic efficiency.



E. After processing into feed pellets have many advantages :
1.the production process itself under mechanical pressure , the feed starch can occur certain degree of ripening , resulting in a concentrated flavor , hard texture and feed line with pigs , cattle, sheep, rodents eating biological characteristics , improve feed palatable , easy to eat.
2. particle formation process enables cereals, legumes trypsin less waste. Boycott factor degeneration , reducing adverse effects on digestion , can kill a variety of parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, reducing the variety of parasitic diseases and digestive system diseases, the machine does not require the use of shaft drive belt can make the particles the use of High-Tech , led a lot of foresight than the original belt , the machine do not need to add any water particles belonging to the kind of dry dry out . Time of manufacture , we use for those small family farming , the particles can be made at the same time save a long time, more than six months is not a problem .

3.feeding convenient, high efficiency, easy to control the feeding amount , save feed , clean and sanitary. Especially the fish , because the pellets dissolved in water is very slow and will not be submerged sediment, can reduce the product model to learn the essence of domestic and foreign particles machines for new energy-saving products. Over the past generally processed into powder feed after feeding , the presence of feeding inconvenient poor palatability , livestock picky eaters, low utilization defects. With the new small particles advent and popularity of feed machinery , now can easily be processed into a powder feed pellets . Can be powered electric lighting , extrusion granulation, you can easily adjust the length of the particles under pressure roller extrusion from the die hole , simple structure , small footprint, low noise, 220 -volt single-phase power to operations, the lack of three-phase power conditions applicable for small farmers to use.
4. templates and using high- pressure alloy wheels wear-resistant materials refined, has a long life , reasonable structure , strong and durable.


F. The technical parameters of the flat die animal feed pellet mills  

ModelPowerEquipped withVoltageMoistureCapacityN.W.G.W.Dimension
YKL120A8HPDiesel engine 380V 50Hz12%-20%60-100kg/h120kg140kg870*440*730mm
YKL120A7.5HPGasoline engine 380V 50Hz12%-20%60-100kg/h80kg100kg760*430*710mm
YKL150B4kwMotor380V 50Hz12%-20%90-120kg/h95kg115kg750*350*650mm
YKL150A8HPDiesel engine 380V 50Hz12%-20% 90-120kg/h120kg140kg870*460*730mm
YKL150A7.5HP  Gasoline engine380V 50Hz12%-20%90-120kg/h95kg115kg760*430*710mm
YKL200A15HPDiesel engine 380V 50Hz12%-20%200-300kg/h280kg310kg  1180*560*950mm
YKL200B7.5kwMotor380V 50Hz12%-20%200-300kg/h200kg230kg  1000*430*950mm
YKL200C7.5kwMotor380V 50Hz12%-20%200-300kg/h


230kg  1000*460*900mm
YKL230A22HPDiesel engine 380V 50Hz12%-20%300-400kg/h280kg310kg  1180*560*950mm
YKL230B11kwMotor380V 50Hz12%-20%300-400kg/h290kg320kg  1140*470*970mm
YKL230C11kwMotor380V 50Hz12%-20%300-400kg/h290kg320kg  1140*540*930mm
YKL260A35HPDiesel engine 380V 50Hz12%-20%400-600kg/h450kg480kg  1840*700*1160mm
YKL260B15kwMotor380V 50Hz12%-20%400-600kg/h300kg360kg  1200*520*1070mm
YKL260C15kwMotor380V 50Hz12%-20%400-600kg/h300kg360kg  1220*530*1070mm
YKL300A55HPDiesel engine 380V 50Hz12%-20%600-800kg/h520kg560kg  2200*600*1230mm
YKL300B22kwMotor380V 50Hz12%-20%600-800kg/h410kg450kg  1270*520*1070mm
YKL300C22kwMotor380V 50Hz12%-20%600-800kg/h410kg450kg  1280*580*1050mm
YKL360A55HPDiesel engine380V 50Hz12%-20%600-800kg/h600kg620kg  2270*620*1260mm
YKL360C22kwMotor380V 50Hz12%-20%600-800kg/h470kg500kg  1340*580*1060mm
YKL400A55HPDiesel engine380V 50Hz12%-20%900-1100kg/h750kg780kg  2270*620*1260mm
YKL400C30kwMotor380V 50Hz12%-20%900-1100kg/h630kg660kg1450*620*1150mm


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